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Facing the Blank Page: From super scary to SUPER STORY

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Leslie A. Lazarre

Dr. Cassie Raulston


University of Montevallo


This podcast addresses the fear that most writers face when tasked with creating a story. It invites the writer to think about the process from blank page to completed story in pieces. The pieces fit together to make the completed story. By working through the process, the task of writing a story becomes less scary.

Length: 2:01

Aligned to the following ALEX lesson plan:

Don't get lost in story writing: Follow the map!

Content Areas: English/Language Arts

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

[ELA2015] (4) 29: Recall relevant information from experiences or gather relevant information from print and digital sources; take notes and categorize information, and provide a list of sources. [W.4.8]


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