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How to handle being bullied on Facebook

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Beth McKinney, Graduate Student


The University of Alabama


Bullying on Facebook is real! What is the proper way to respond to an inappropriate post on Facebook? This podcast teaches you how to respond when you or someone else has been targeted by a Facebook bully. You will learn how to properly report the inappropriate content and also how to message a trusted friend to help handle the situation.

Length: 5:08

Aligned to the following ALEX lesson plan:

Bullies Beware

Content Areas: Health and Physical Education, Technology Education

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

TC2 (6-8)
9. Practice responsible and legal use of technology systems and digital content.
Examples: avoiding plagiarism; complying with acceptable-use policies, copyright laws, and fair use standards; recognizing secure Web sites
  • Identifying examples of computer crime and related penalties
  • Examples: computer crime—phishing, spoofing, virus and worm dissemination, cyberbullying
    penalties—fines, incarceration
  • Citing sources of digital content
    TC2 (9-12) Computer Applications
    9. Practice ethical and legal use of technology systems and digital content.
  • Explaining consequences of illegal and unethical use of technology systems and digital content
  • Examples: cyberbullying, plagiarism
  • Interpreting copyright laws and policies with regard to ownership and use of digital content
  • Citing sources of digital content using a style manual
  • Examples: Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA)
    HE1 (5)
    8. Explain prevention and intervention techniques related to bullying.

    National/Other Standards:

    ISTE NETS- Students

    Digital Citizenship

    Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical behavior. Students advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology.


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