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If I Were Leader of the Free World: Breath

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This podcast is part of the series: If I Were Leader of the Free World


Devin; Jerry Strickland


Wilkerson Middle School; Birmingham City Schools


My podcast is about me being the leader of the free world.  The speech was a way of saying the things that are important if I were leader.  The speech was originally delivered at Bethel Baptist Church in Fairfield.  When i was first invited to deliver the speech, I was very excited, but when i got to the church I got nervous, so I had to take a time out and "breath" for myself then it turned out to be good.

Length: 01:59

Content Areas: Social Studies

Alabama Course of Study Alignments and/or Professional Development Standard Alignments:

SS2010 (7) Civics
10. Describe individual and civic responsibilities of citizens of the United States.
Examples: individual—respect for rights of others, self-discipline, negotiation, compromise, fiscal responsibility
civic—respect for law, patriotism, participation in political process, fiscal responsibility
  • Differentiating rights, privileges, duties, and responsibilities between citizens and noncitizens
  • Explaining how United States' citizenship is acquired by immigrants
  • Explaining character traits that are beneficial to individuals and society
  • Examples: honesty, courage, compassion, civility, loyalty
    SS2010 (7) Civics
    12. Describe how the United States can be improved by individual and group participation in civic and community activities.
  • Identifying options for civic and community action
  • Examples: investigating the feasibility of a specific solution to a traffic problem, developing a plan for construction of a subdivision, using maps to make and justify decisions about best locations for public facilities
  • Determining ways to participate in the political process
  • Examples: voting, running for office, serving on a jury, writing letters, being involved in political parties and political campaigns

    National/Other Standards:

    How Does the Government Established by the Constitution Embody the Purposes, Values, and Principles of American Democracy?

    How are power and responsibility distributed, shared, and limited in the government established by the United States Constitution?
    What does the national government do?
    How are state and local governments organized and what do they do?
    Who represents you in local, state, and national governments?
    What is the place of law in the American constitutional system?
    How does the American political system provide for choice and opportunities for participation?


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