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The Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) presents the iChallenge Podcast Competition!


The iChallenge 2015-2016 winners have been chosen!


The 2015-2016 theme is "Thinking like a..."

This year’s theme allowed students to envision their future by approaching today in a critical way. By “Thinking like a..." students can approach challenges, both at home and school, from the perspective of a professional in an engaging career. Looking to buy a new phone? Think like an engineer! Wondering how your city got its name? Think like a historian! Can’t get your favorite app to load? Think like a programmer!

2015-2016 iChallenge Winners:

Winner(s) Title Organization

Justin Tolbert

K-12 Teacher

Think Like a Poet Baker High School, Mobile County Schools

Garrison Floyd

Teacher: Jody Evans

K-12 Student

A New Era of Medicine Tuscaloosa County High School, Tuscaloosa County Schools

Heather Leeth

Teacher: Wendy Aycock

Best Use of Theme

Think Like a Dreamer Albertville High School, Albertville City Schools


2015-2016 iChallenge Dates

August 3, 2015 iChallenge entries may be submitted through the ALEX website
November 2, 2015 iChallenge Podcast Challenge begins!
May 13, 2016 iChallenge entry deadline
June 7, 2016 Winners recognized at Alabama Educational Technology Conference, Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center, Alabama



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Alabama Virtual Library

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