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The Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) presents the iChallenge Podcast Competition!



The iChallenge for 2013-2014 is now open!


The 2014 theme is . . .

Alabama: Exploring the
History, Heritage, and Hope of a Generation


While entries that follow the theme are encouraged, all submissions will be considered.

This theme was selected in part to encourage teachers and students to look toward Alabama as a source of amazing history, events, people, and discoveries that could be highlighted in all content areas. From the Native Americans and early settlers to the leaders in science, space and technologies of today, Alabama's diverse history is worthy of study.

Consider these possible examples, and use them to stretch your ideas to explore Alabama:

  • The history of a local landmark
  • The heritage of a local community
  • The hope of early settlers or the latest immigrants
  • Alabam leaders in Math, Science and Technology
  • The amazing history of Alabama through art, music, sports, and more.



Here are the 2013-2014 iChallenge winners:

Winner(s) Title Organization

Sarita Bryant

Teacher: Michelle Ange
Yellowhammer-Our State Bird Owens Cross Roads Elementary School, Madison County Schools

Erin Beaver

Who Wants to Go to Birmingham—1963? Opelika Middle School, Opelika City Schools

Stephanie Bolton

Unlocking Meaning through Close Reading Harlan Elementary School, Florence City Schools
Shay Atchison America's Top Ten Stanhope Elmore High School, Elmore County High School
Nancy McGowan pH pHun Bluff Park Elementary, Hoover City Schools








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