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Since 2003, Alabama has provided training, resources, and support to local education agencies (LEAs) to more effectively focus instruction on academic content standards and implement the requirement of providing access to the general curriculum to all students, including students with disabilities. 

Alabama Curriculum Guides

In addition to comprehensive professional development for Alabama’s teachers and administrators, Curriculum Guides to the Alabama Courses of Study are developed and disseminated following the adoption of state content standards by the Alabama State Board of Education.  Teachers use the Curriculum Guides to close the gap between grade-level content and the student’s instructional level. 

ELA Curriculum Guide

Mathematics Curriculum Guide Science Curriculum Guide   Social Studies Curriculum Guide

Alabama Extended Standards

The Alabama Extended Standards for Reading, Mathematics, and Science are extensions of the state academic content standards for each grade level. The Alabama Extended Standards are based on the academic content standards found in the Alabama Course of Study. They are designed to allow students with significant cognitive disabilities to progress toward state standards while beginning at each student’s present level of performance.

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