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The term “transition services” means a coordinated set of activities for a child with a disability that—


Alabama Occupational Diploma (AOD)

The Alabama Occupational Diploma is designed to meet the mandates of federal and state legislation, as well as incorporate “best practices” utilized in delivering transition services.  The intent of this diploma option is to prepare students for independent/competitive employment upon exiting high school. The AOD sets high expectations for students with disabilities, emphasizes challenging academic standards, personal responsibility, employability skills, and job placement. 

Young Adults in Transition (YAiT)

Young Adults in Transition (YAiT, pronounced like "Wyatt") is a newly formed panel of young adults with disabilities who will make recommendations to state policymakers on improving transition services.

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Their mission statement is “Young Adults Helping Other Young Adults Transition to the Real World.”

Their goals are to:
• Increase communication between service providers
• Increase disability awareness in the community
• Increase resources to provide better transition services

Training iN Transition
Alabama Post School Outcomes

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“TNT” is Training iN Transition, a series of online training modules which includes modules for transition-age students, transition professionals and other stakeholders as well. The Alabama Department of Education and the Auburn Transition Leadership Institute (ATLI) continues to expand this training series each year, with updates and additions reflecting the progress of state and national transition polices and practices.

Interested Participants Can Access Online Training Through the Auburn University ATLI Website.


The Alabama Post School Outcomes Survey collects information from former high school students with disabilities, who have exited school for one year. These former students are asked questions about their work history since leaving high school and any additional education or training they may have had. The results of the survey responses are used to report Indicator 14 data to OSEP, and to provide online reports to participating school systems.

Link to Alabama Post School Survey Portal

State Interagency Transition Team (SITT)  
Local Transition Planning Summit (LTPS)
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The Local Transition Planning Summit (LTPS) held in conjunction with the annual Alabama Transition Conference. Nationally renowned transition expert and author, Dr. Ginger Blalock guides and share data resources while facilitating goal development for school system teams, made up of 3-5  transition practitioners from areas including special education, rehabilitation, job coaching, transition coordinators, 504 coordinators, career technical education, counseling or mental health services, and administration.  The Local Transition Planning Summit, bringing together cross-discipline groups to develop plans for delivering transition services to students with disabilities in their local Alabama communities.

Auburn University ATLI Website

Alabama’s State Interagency Transition Team (SITT), composed of statewide leaders representing special education, rehabilitation and disability services, secondary and higher education, advocacy, mental health, workforce and independent living organizations, students with disabilities, and parents. This cross-discipline team has developed a state plan for improving the collaboration, cost-efficiency, and quality of transition services for Alabama’s youth and young adults with disabilities. The purpose of this group is to develop a better understanding of each agency's role and responsibilities in service delivery for these young people, and to seek and implement new and better ways of providing secondary special education and transition services. SITT receives feedback and input from local interdisciplinary teams participating in the ATLI-hosted Local Transition Planning Summit.

State Interagency Transition Team Website


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