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Health, Grade 4, 2009

1.) Compare health-related advertisements regarding "truth-in-advertising."

2.) Explain ways industry impacts environmental and community health.

Examples: land, air, noise, or water pollution; disposal of hazardous waste

3.) Identify environmental health issues related to home and work.

Examples: waste disposal, stagnant water, mold

4.) Explain the importance of communication within the family unit.

5.) Identify benefits of adequate sleep, nutrition, and exercise for the body.

Examples: mental alertness, strong immune system, healthy weight

6.) Describe the importance of personal hygiene health habits related to puberty and adolescence.

7.) Describe healthful ways to express emotions.

Examples: journaling, talking to an older sibling or trusted adult

8.) Identify ways to respect personal boundaries of others.

Examples: responding to nonverbal cues, tolerating opinions, recognizing personal space

9.) Utilize information on food labels to determine the nutritional value of various foods.

•  Describing healthy meals and snacks
10.) Explain relationships among nutrition, health, and wellness.

Examples: impact of following national dietary guidelines, long-term effects of eating saturated fats, risks of excessive sugar and caffeine intake

•  Describing how media, culture, and availability influence food choices
•  Identifying safe food-handling practices
Example: following recommended cleaning, cooking, and storing practices

11.) Differentiate between acute and chronic medical conditions.


- acute—flu, strep throat

- chronic—asthma, diabetes

12.) Describe physical effects of substance abuse on the body.

Examples: shortness of breath, elevated heart rate, stained teeth, impaired judgment, addiction

13.) Describe risk factors that can lead to substance abuse.

Examples: peer pressure, family history, stress, depression, psychological disorders

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