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Health, Grade 6, 2009

1.) Compare name brand to generic health care products.

2.) Describe practices that protect the environment and control disease.

Examples: managing contamination from biohazardous waste, removing objects that collect water to prevent breeding grounds for mosquitoes

3.) Identify characteristics of healthy relationships among family units.

Examples: communication, mutual respect, trust, acceptance of differences

4.) Describe how communicable diseases affect physical, psychological, environmental, and social health.

5.) Demonstrate steps to take during emergency medical situations.

Example: three C's—Check the scene, Call 911, Care for victim

6.) Recognize strategies necessary to resolve emotional and physical conflicts.

Examples: reflective listening, adult intervention, peer mediation, anger management

7.) Explain sexual harassment protection strategies.

Examples: objecting to inappropriate behavior or language; reporting harassment to parents, teachers, or school officials

8.) Compare verbal and nonverbal communication skills.


- verbal—compromise, negotiation

- nonverbal—body language, facial expression

9.) Analyze various dietary patterns to determine their impact on health.

Examples: over-eating, under-eating, eating a balanced diet

10.) Identify factors that impact nutrition choices of adolescents, including body image, advertising, eating disorders, and peer influence.

11.) Explain methods of HIV transmission.

Examples: shared needles, sexual contact, exchange of body fluids

•  Recognizing common myths regarding HIV transmission
Examples: casual contact, use of public restroom

12.) Describe consequences of substance use and abuse.

Examples: impaired judgment leading to premarital sexual activity, transmission of disease, risk of injury, unwanted pregnancy, birth defects

13.) Describe possible consequences of tobacco use, including smokeless tobacco.

Examples: stained teeth, halitosis, cancer, emphysema

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