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Health, Grade 8, 2009

1.) Identify procedures for making consumer health complaints.

Examples: speaking with a store manager, calling the Better Business Bureau, contacting a patient-relations representative

2.) Describe health advocacy strategies.

Examples: writing and recording public service announcements for school or community broadcasts, writing letters to editors of local newspapers, implementing a school health improvement project

3.) Identify public environmental laws that protect personal health.

Examples: dumping, polluting, littering

4.) Recognize cultural influences that impact health behaviors.

Examples: family perceptions of health care professionals, family perceptions of healthy body image, societal expectations of remaining abstinent until married

5.) Describe behaviors that may prevent personal injury.

Examples: wearing protective gear, using seat belts, handling flammable materials properly

6.) Describe personal responsibility for reducing hazards and avoiding accidents.

7.) Identify barriers to communication regarding health-related issues.

Examples: fear, embarrassment, lack of vocabulary

8.) Identify strategies for controlling impulsive behaviors.


- strategies—seeking mental health resources, utilizing conflict resolution techniques

- behaviors—self-mutilation, aggressive outbursts

9.) Describe common eating disorders.

Examples: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating

10.) Identify possible consequences of poor nutrition.

Example: increased risk for heart disease, obesity, cancer, fatigue, poor academic performance, osteoporosis

11.) Explain benefits, limitations, and misuse of dietary supplements.

12.) Describe types of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

•  Explaining benefits of abstinence
•  Identifying physical, social, and emotional effects of STIs
•  Describing long-term effects of HIV and AIDS on the human body
Examples: destruction of the immune system, contraction of opportunistic infections

13.) Explain why mixing drugs can cause injury, illness, and death.

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