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Physical Education, Grade 10 - 12, Elective Course, 2009

1.) Demonstrate complex movement patterns in a variety of activity settings.

Examples: transitioning from a run to a lay-up in basketball, transitioning from a dribble to a pass in soccer, returning a tennis ball with a forehand ground stroke

2.) Apply movement concepts and fitness principles to a variety of physical activity settings.

Examples: offensive and defensive maneuvers in team sports, techniques in weight training

3.) Determine characteristics of highly skilled physical performances.

Examples: alertness in table tennis, accuracy in archery, agility in basketball

4.) Analyze physical activity, sport, and recreational practices for safety, risks, and consequences.

Example: staying behind shooting line in archery

•  Applying rules and procedures to avoid injuries
5.) Use competence, proficiency, and strategy skills to solve problems in a physical education environment.

Examples: gathering data, considering alternatives

6.) Evaluate facilities and programs within the community that may be utilized for maintaining lifelong fitness.

7.) Identify characteristics of a responsible leader, including honesty, respect for others, and self-control, in a physical education activity.

8.) Interpret research regarding social effects associated with engaging in physical activity with others.

9.) Demonstrate independence and self-responsibility in student-led physical activities.

Examples: creating a dance or rope-jumping routine, applying rules and procedures without continuous supervision

10.) Demonstrate the level of fitness required for successful participation in a variety of physical activities.

Example: performing aerobic activities for a minimum of 20 minutes

11.) Describe personal goals implemented in an individualized physical fitness performance plan.

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