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Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Intermediate Drafting Design, 2009

1.) Demonstrate the proper use of sectional view concepts to create a full section, half section, broken-out section, offset section, revolved section, and a removed section.

•  Utilizing cutting planes
•  Applying section lining
2.) Create drawings of inclined surfaces.

•  Constructing primary auxiliary views
3.) Create drawings illustrating detailed, schematic, and simplified thread representations.

•  Identifying common thread terms
4.) Utilize pictorial concepts to produce an isometric drawing.

•  Identifying oblique, trimetric, diametric views
5.) Apply dimensions, notes, and other relative information to a drafting design project.

Examples: dimensions—angular, linear, tolerances

•  Utilizing American National Standards Institute (ANSI) dimensioning standards
•  Identifying dimensioning symbols and tolerances
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