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Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Introduction to Architectural Design, 2009

1.) Create a basic residential floor plan, including symbols, dimensions, window and door schedule, and notes.

•  Recognizing elements and features found on residential floor plans
•  Utilizing sketches in preliminary layout
•  Identifying basic interior design considerations
•  Determining room relationships and exterior design factors
2.) Create a residential electrical plan, including notes and symbols.

•  Identifying elements and features found on a residential electrical plan
•  Explaining fire and smoke alarm requirements
3.) Draw a residential foundation plan, including footings, pier details, notes, and dimensions.

•  Identifying primary features included in foundation plans
Examples: foundation plans—slab construction, crawlspace construction

4.) Design a residential wall section for common building materials, including notes and dimensions.

•  Identifying primary features included in wall section views as related to slab and crawl space construction
5.) Identify styles and materials used in roof systems.

Examples: styles—gable, hip

- materials—fiberglass, metal

•  Identifying roof pitch
•  Identifying overhang
6.) Create residential elevation plans.

•  Explaining historical influences on current home design
•  Identifying exterior features of common residential styles
•  Describing common exterior materials used for roofing, walls, doors, and windows
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