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Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Intermediate Architectural Design, 2009

1.) Create a basic multilevel residential floor plan, including symbols, dimensions, window and door schedule, and notes.

•  Identifying elements and features found on residential multilevel floor plans
•  Identifying interior design considerations in multilevel floor plans
•  Determining room relationships and exterior design factors in multilevel floor plans
2.) Create a plumbing plan, including symbols, fixtures, and notes.

•  Identifying plumbing terms, abbreviations, and definitions
•  Explaining the placement of water supply lines and waste discharge in a plumbing plan
3.) Create a residential HVAC system plan using needed symbols.

•  Identifying standard heating and cooling systems
4.) Create a residential site plan layout using plan notes, terms, symbols, and dimensions.

•  Identifying types of site plans
•  Describing site layout and location
5.) Create a drawing of a stairway for a multilevel residential dwelling.

•  Applying stair components to a drawing of a residential stairway
•  Determining rise and run for a residential stairway
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