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Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Three-Dimensional Solid Model Design I, 2009

1.) Identify three-dimensional modeling commands necessary to complete a three-dimensional solid model design.

Examples: protrude command, revolved protrusion command

2.) Identify three-dimensional working planes for part sketching and profile creation.

•  Demonstrating how to attach additional working planes
Examples: parallel, inclined, perpendicular

3.) Construct a three-dimensional model by selecting working planes, creating profiles for protrusion and extrusion, and utilizing rendering commands.

4.) Utilize commands to add features to three-dimensional models.

Examples: constructing holes, adding fillets and rounds, applying cutouts, chamfering edges

5.) Demonstrate operations needed for converting a three-dimensional model to a two-dimensional parts drawing, including all dimension notes and other relative information.

•  Creating drawings that may incorporate primary views, sections views, and auxiliary views
6.) Arrange primary views, including all dimensions, notes, and other relative information needed to complete a two-dimensional drawing for production.

Examples: specifying sheet size, editing drawing information, revising drawing

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