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Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Construction Site Preparation and Foundations, 2009

1.) Identify career opportunities in the construction industry.

Examples: draftsman, engineer, construction foreman, carpenter, concrete finisher, plumber, electrician

2.) Demonstrate job site safety concepts required for site preparation and foundation construction.

Examples: personal protection equipment, hand tool safety, power tool safety, electrical safety

3.) Demonstrate the mechanical drawing process used in designing structures.

•  Identifying various mechanical drawing components
Examples: symbols, dimension lines, extension lines, hidden lines, object lines, center lines, lettering

4.) Explain local building codes affecting the construction of buildings.

5.) Calculate equipment and work space requirements for structures.

6.) Identify factors in selecting building materials used in structures.

Examples: cost, availability, suitability

7.) Formulate a bill of materials for a specific structure.

Examples: concrete, lumber, fasteners, roofing materials, hardware, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies

8.) Identify positive characteristics of a building site.

Examples: proper drainage, location, orientation

9.) Explain the importance of conducting property surveys for structures, including the location of property and setback lines.

10.) Demonstrate building layout procedures for a specific structure.

Examples: staking, squaring, constructing batter boards, leveling

11.) Explain how to lay out and construct pier, edge, and footing forms.

12.) Describe the use of concrete reinforcements in structures.

13.) Demonstrate the use of concrete and masonry tools in construction.

14.) Demonstrate the process of mixing concrete.

•  Estimating the amount of concrete needed for a project
•  Applying various finishing techniques used with concrete
15.) Demonstrate the process of laying block.

•  Estimating the number of concrete blocks needed for a project
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