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Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Carpentry II, 2009

1.) Identify tools and fasteners used in metal stud systems.

2.) Demonstrate the installation of a metal stud wall according to specifications.

3.) Demonstrate the installation of a metal doorframe according to specifications.

4.) Demonstrate the installation of a metal stud radius wall according to specifications.

5.) Identify components of a wall and ceiling layout.

6.) Identify common materials and methods used for installing sheathing on walls.

7.) Construct exterior walls for a frame building, including laying out, assembling, erecting, and bracing to specifications.

8.) Demonstrate wall framing techniques used in masonry construction.

9.) Demonstrate the installation of ceiling joists on a wood frame building according to specifications.

10.) Calculate an estimate of materials required to frame walls and ceilings.

11.) Demonstrate methods used to calculate the length of a rafter.

12.) Identify various types of trusses used in roof framing.

13.) Construct framing for a gable roof with vent openings according to specifications.

14.) Construct framing for a roof opening according to specifications.

15.) Use trusses to erect a gable roof according to specifications.

16.) Estimate materials used in framing and sheathing a roof.

17.) Install a pre-hung window.

18.) Install a pre-hung exterior door with a lockset.

19.) Demonstrate the installation of stringers, risers, and treads for a stair system according to specifications.

19.) Constructing a handrail for a stair system

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