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Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Electromechanical Controls, 2009

1.) Identify electronic control systems, including closed loop and open loop.

2.) Interpret symbols used in control circuit diagrams.

Examples: switches, relays, motors

3.) Explain input and output devices used in electronic control systems, including switches, sensors, transducers, relays, timers, counters, motors, and actuators.

4.) Interpret control ladder logic circuits.

5.) Identify uses of programmable logic controllers.

6.) Install programmable logic controllers with input and output devices.

7.) Program a controller to perform specific tasks.

8.) Interpret construction, electrical, and mechanical blueprints related to a variety of automated systems.

9.) Use input and output devices for performing automated and robotic tasks.

10.) Explain the operation of fluid power systems related to a variety of automated systems.

11.) Construct a robot to perform a specific task.

12.) Evaluate robotic activities, including identifying problems and making necessary repairs.

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