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Architecture and Construction, Grade 9 - 12, Basic Compression Refrigeration, 2009

1.) Demonstrate safety rules, regulations, and procedures for HVACR.

2.) Draw a basic refrigeration system, including refrigerant flow, components, and lines.

3.) Demonstrate the procedure for installing filter dryers.

Examples: liquid-line filter dryer, suction-line filter dryer

4.) Demonstrate the procedure for installing and removing a gauge set.

5.) Demonstrate pressure temperature conversion procedures.

6.) Determine pressures and temperatures on domestic and commercial refrigeration systems.

7.) Demonstrate industry-recognized evacuation procedures for a refrigeration system.

Example: triple evacuation

8.) Demonstrate the detection and repair of a refrigerant leak.

9.) Demonstrate the process of charging a refrigeration system.

Examples: weigh-in, superheat, subcooling

10.) Demonstrate the removal and replacement of a major refrigeration component.

Examples: compressor, metering device, condenser, evaporator

11.) Describe the operation of basic components of a refrigeration system.

•  Identifying operation of refrigeration accessories
Examples: accumulators, sight glass

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