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Arts Education, Grade 1, Visual Arts, 2006

1.) Create works of art using a variety of techniques.

Example: creating prints and collages using found objects

•  Creating works of art using a variety of subject matter, including still life paintings and portraits
Examples: still life painting of fruit in a bowl, family portraits

•  Producing three-dimensional works of art
Examples: found-object sculptures, clay sculptures such as pinch pots

2.) Apply primary, secondary, and neutral colors; line direction; form; and space to create works of art.


- primary and secondary colors--mixing primary colors to achieve secondary colors in paintings of aliens,

- neutral colors--creating and painting sculptures similar to Charles Lucas' outdoor sculpture The New Breed,

- line direction--creating paintings similar to Piet Mondrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie,

- form--creating a work of art similar to Frederick Roth's sculpture Columbia Lion,

- space--creating figures using found objects such as spools and cardboard tubes

3.) Identify neutral colors, form, and space in works of art.


- neutral colors--Georges Braques' Cubist still life paintings,

- form--Pueblo Indian ceramic storyteller sculptures,

- space--Alexander Calder's mobiles

4.) Recognize similarities and differences in media, visual and tactile characteristics, and natural or man-made forms used in artwork.


- media--differences between tempera and watercolor paints,

- visual and tactile characteristics--Jacob Lawrence's collages versus Frank Stella's and George Seurat's paintings,

- natural or man-made forms--texture of pine cone versus texture of concrete block

5.) Describe moods, feelings, and emotions depicted by a work of art.

Examples: dark room representing loneliness, sunny sky representing cheerfulness

6.) Recognize artistic characteristics of various cultures, times, and places.


- cultures--dots in Aboriginal dream paintings,

- times--fashion depicted in Early American paintings,

- places--pyramids of Egypt

•  Using digital media to view works of art
Example: using a CD-ROM to view characteristics of works of art

7.) Identify visual arts professions within a community.

Examples: landscape architects, sculptors, interior designers, museum curators

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