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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Grade 9 - 12, Specialty Floral Design and Management, 2009

1.) Identify careers in the floriculture industry.

2.) Describe safety procedures used in the floriculture industry.

3.) Trace the history of the basic principles of design used in floriculture.

4.) Create a portfolio, including a résumé, cover letter, job application, and photographs of personally designed floral arrangements.

5.) Identify time management skills used in the floriculture industry.

6.) Identify tools and equipment used in the floriculture business.

7.) Explain shop operations involved in managing a floriculture business.

  Examples: conducting sales and service, creating advertising and promotional displays, designing facilities, maintaining equipment

8.) Identify line designs used in specialty floral arrangements including inverted T, L-pattern, vertical, crescent, Hogarth curve, and contemporary freestyle.

9.) Identify flowers, foliages, and potted plants used in specialty floral arrangements.

10.) Describe the role of the florist in designing and planning wedding, sympathy, and special occasion arrangements.

11.) Design wedding, sympathy, and special occasion arrangements.

Examples: wedding—bride and bridesmaid bouquets, groomsmen boutonnieres

- sympathy—sprays, saddles, baskets, potted plants

- special occasion—Valentine arrangements

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