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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Grade 9 - 12, Agricultural Communications, 2009

1.) Identify occupational opportunities in agricultural communications.

2.) Explain the importance of a college education to the agricultural industry.

3.) Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.

•  Identifying types of speeches, including persuasive, informative, demonstrative, and commemorative
4.) Explain the importance of conflict resolution in an agribusiness.

•  Describing techniques used in resolving conflicts
5.) Explain the importance of group dynamics in the agricultural industry.

•  Identifying roles of individual team members in reaching group goals
6.) Describe the importance of long- and short-term goals and goal setting in an agribusiness.

7.) Explain time management techniques in the agricultural industry, including setting priorities and scheduling.

8.) Describe the importance of leadership in agribusiness.

•  Explaining leadership traits needed for operating an agribusiness
•  Describing personal leadership skills necessary for success in agribusiness
•  Explaining the importance of ethics in agribusiness
9.) Differentiate among types of leaders in the agribusiness setting, including authoritarian, democratic, autocratic, and participative.

10.) Describe qualities of a strong work ethic in an agribusiness.

•  Explaining reasons for following rules and regulations in the agribusiness setting
11.) Evaluate personal attributes, including interpersonal relationship skills and value systems, as they relate to leadership in agribusiness management.

•  Describing behaviors necessary for success in interpersonal relationships in agribusiness
12.) Describe ways FFA activities enhance personal leadership skills.

13.) Demonstrate parliamentary procedure in agribusiness meetings.

Examples: types of motions, voting methods, steps in presenting a main motion, duties of the chairperson

14.) Describe the importance of maintaining records for a SAE program.

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