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Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication, Grade 9 - 12, Television Production-Writing, Producing, and Performing, 2009

1.) Use safety skills associated with writing, producing, and performing roles in television production.

2.) Apply aspects of writing, producing, and performing to television information-gathering techniques for a studio production.

Examples: video and audio consent, fact confirmation, Internet use, copyright laws

3.) Differentiate among television styles of writing, producing, and performing.

Examples: informative, entertainment, sensational

4.) Utilize correct writing, producing, performing, and public relations skills for television production.

Examples: positive attitude, polite demeanor, listening techniques

5.) Demonstrate ethical behavior of a television writer, producer, and performer.

Examples: presenting unbiased content, verifying accuracy in subject matter, seeking formal permission, adhering to libel laws

6.) Demonstrate teamwork as a writer, producer, and performer.

Examples: giving and following instructions, initiating participation, engaging in team critiques, organizing content

7.) Use standard interviewing skills.

Examples: question formation, preinterview techniques, interview evaluation

8.) Utilize proper format, style, and content organization for television writing techniques.

9.) Apply on-camera performance skills to obtain desired results.

Examples: clear speech, diction, eye contact, posture, gestures, appearance

10.) Organize television content, including time management and assignment editing.

11.) Use writing, producing, and performing skills in a regularly-scheduled television program.

12.) Compare career options in television production, including writing, producing, and performing for a career specialization.

Examples: reporter, producer, anchor, writer, actor, researcher, assignment editor, promotions editor

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