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Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication, Grade 9 - 12, Advanced Television Production, 2009

1.) Apply safety skills in television production field locations, classrooms, and studios.

2.) Demonstrate leadership skills as a member of a television production team.

Examples: organizing content, managing equipment, performing assignment editing

3.) Utilize public relations skills in special program and project settings in television production.

Examples: interpersonal communications, correspondence, community relations

4.) Apply specialized skills to perform television roles in writing, producing, performing, photographing, editing, and studio operations.

Examples: anchor, producer, actor, camera operator, editor, director

5.) Organize subject matter into meaningful, marketable, and expressive video projects.

Examples: promotional videos, instructional videos, commercials

6.) Design creative television and film productions, including short films and special presentations.

•  Utilizing video skills in a professional setting
Examples: internships, freelance video work

7.) Assemble a portfolio of professional quality video work, including a statement of purpose for a career in television production.

•  Demonstrating advanced skills in one or more career specializations of photography, editing, writing, producing, performance, or studio operations
Examples: short films, special presentations

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