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Business, Management, and Administration, Grade 7 - 8, Computer Essentials, 2009

1.) Exhibit proper use of basic computer components, including hardware, operating systems, software, file management, and network functions.

2.) Demonstrate correct procedure for basic computer and printer maintenance, including routine hardware and software problem solving.

Examples: changing printer cartridge, replenishing paper, scanning disk, defragmenting disk, clearing paper jams

3.) Demonstrate correct data input techniques with acceptable speed and accuracy.

Example: touch method

4.) Utilize word processing skills, including creating page layout, proofreading, editing, printing, and saving.

5.) Use spreadsheet software to create, save, open, edit, and print a workbook or worksheet.

•  Utilizing formulas for problem solving applicable to a spreadsheet
•  Creating charts to interpret spreadsheet data
6.) Create a database file.

Examples: tables, reports, forms, queries

7.) Demonstrate procedures for creating, saving, retrieving, and delivering multimedia presentations.

8.) Demonstrate use of the Internet in business.

Examples: research, travel, correspondence, advertisement

•  Identifying misuses of the Internet in business
Examples: slamming, spamming, flaming

9.) Utilize research results to determine career and entrepreneurial opportunities, responsibilities, and educational and credentialing requirements in entry-level information technology professions.

10.) Analyze information technology for its impact on society.

11.) Describe ethical considerations resulting from technological advances.

Examples: hacking, privacy, restricted sites, copyright and intellectual property rights, viruses, consequences, misuse

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