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Career Cluster Electives, Grade 9 - 12, Senior Career Pathway Project, 2009

1.) Create a formal, narrative proposal that communicates a specific concept, process, or product related to a chosen career pathway.

Examples: Effects of Refrigerants on the Ozone Layer, Irrigation and Drainage Systems of Sports Fields, Remodeling a Bathroom for the Physically Handicapped, Marketing a Product for Teenagers, Internship for Becoming a Sushi Chef, Developing a Disaster Response Plan for a Hospital Emergency Room

2.) Conduct independent research related to a selected project concept.

Examples: Internet research, related readings, original research

3.) Write a detailed report on the chosen project.

•  Demonstrating correct usage of standard writing format
4.) Produce an original multimedia presentation based upon project results.

Examples: producing a digital presentation and oral explanation, creating a documentary, presenting a project model and explanation

5.) Design a project portfolio that includes project-related documentation.

•  Critiquing a project portfolio for components and process validity
Examples: components—abstract, table of contents, project proposal, signature sheets, journal entries, research, formal timeline, self-assessment, mentor assessments

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