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Education and Training, Grade 7, Teen Discoveries, 2009

1.) Describe physical and emotional changes that occur during adolescence.

2.) Describe the process of decision-making, problem-solving, and goal-setting.

3.) Explain the importance of character education for teenagers.

•  Describing manners used in various settings
•  Identifying grooming habits that lead to a healthy appearance
•  Describing ways to show respect for self, others, and property
4.) Compare verbal and nonverbal communication skills used to improve interpersonal relationships.

•  Determining barriers to teen communication
5.) Describe characteristics of healthy relationships with family and friends.

•  Explaining the role of family members and friends
•  Describing the significance of family traditions
•  Determining qualities of a true friend
6.) Compare positive and negative peer pressure.

Examples: positive—involving friends in community service, tutoring peers

- negative—bullying, teasing, gossiping

•  Determining causes of teen conflict
7.) Explain the importance of diet, exercise, and rest for teen health.

8.) Prepare nutritious snacks.

•  Practicing safety and sanitation techniques in the laboratory
•  Using kitchen equipment in a correct manner
•  Comparing the nutritive value and cost of various foods
9.) Demonstrate basic table setting skills.

10.) Describe ways teenagers can become wise consumers.

Examples: savings, needs and wants, conserving resources and energy

•  Identifying the role of the media in the dissemination of consumer information
11.) Describe time management tools and techniques.

12.) Determine factors that influence teen clothing selection.

Examples: individualism, trends, cost, maintenance

13.) Practice basic sewing skills.

•  Utilizing sewing equipment in a safe and correct manner
14.) Describe appropriate care of clothing.

•  Identifying laundering techniques
•  Explaining how to store clothes properly
15.) Explain responsibilities involved in babysitting related to age, safety, and health of the child.

16.) Describe the importance of play to a child's development.

17.) Explain how housing meets the needs of individuals and families.

•  Describing ways to arrange or organize teen living space
18.) Determine procedures for basic household maintenance and safety.

19.) Determine ways technology improves and impacts the lives of teens.

20.) Describe factors that impact choosing a career.

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