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Education and Training, Grade 8, Teen Connections, 2009

1.) Describe how physical, social, emotional, and intellectual changes that occur during adolescence affect self-esteem and self-concept.

2.) Analyze interpersonal skills needed by teenagers for success in the home, school, and community, including respecting self and others, resolving conflict, responding to peer pressure, and communicating with others.

3.) Explain the impact of values, goals, and decision making on teenagers.

4.) Demonstrate socially acceptable behavior of teenagers, including practicing manners, etiquette, and grooming habits.

5.) Identify various family structures.

Examples: nuclear, blended, extended, single-parent

•  Recognizing how individual roles and responsibilities in the home contribute to the family's well-being
•  Describing changes and challenges faced throughout the family life cycle
6.) Describe the importance of teens' developing time management skills.

7.) Evaluate the relationship among nutrition, exercise, and rest in maintaining wellness.

•  Identifying health hazards susceptible to teens
•  Identifying safe methods for teens to maintain an optimum weight
8.) Demonstrate the ability to select, store, prepare, and serve nutritious foods.

•  Exhibiting safe and correct use of kitchen equipment
•  Applying safety and sanitation procedures in food preparation
•  Utilizing guidelines for table setting
9.) Explain the importance of money management for teens.

•  Creating a budget for teen expenditures and savings
10.) Critique factors that influence individual and teen consumer decisions, including needs and wants, budget limitations, and quality of products.

•  Describing store policies affecting teen consumers
•  Explaining ways to resolve teen consumer problems
11.) Describe strategies for comparison shopping among teens.

12.) Describe influences of style, fads, and fashion trends in clothing selection of teenagers.

13.) Demonstrate basic sewing construction skills to complete a project.

•  Utilizing sewing equipment in a safe and correct manner
14.) Explain ways to maintain and care for clothing.

•  Demonstrating simple clothing repairs
15.) Compare stages of child development.

•  Identifying age-appropriate child care skills
•  Developing a list of responsibilities for a caregiver
•  Analyzing ways to guide the behavior of children
16.) Explain ways to handle emergencies, including first aid techniques for children.

17.) Demonstrate methods to maintain a clean home.

•  Identifying home sanitation, safety, and security practices
•  Developing a first aid, fire, and weather home-safety plan
18.) Demonstrate strategies used for the selection and arrangement of furniture and accessories in a teenager's living space.

19.) Describe the impact of technology on individuals and families.

20.) Describe career skills needed for the workplace, including time management and teamwork.

Examples: interview skills, completion of job applications

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