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Education and Training, Grade 9 - 12, Teaching I, 2009

1.) Create a classroom budget utilizing funds allocated for use in the classroom.

2.) Explain legal aspects of teaching.

Examples: teaching certification, tenure, accountability, liability for negligence

3.) Demonstrate motivational techniques used to enhance student achievement at various grade levels.

4.) Determine characteristics of a positive learning environment.

5.) Assess the interest and needs of students to determine instructional goals, objectives, and teaching strategies.

6.) Evaluate instructional resources and materials based on rigor and relevance of content, grade level, reading level, and needs of students.

Examples: technological tools and equipment

7.) Describe learning and developmental theories relative to individual student characteristics.

8.) Determine teaching strategies needed to meet instructional goals and to address educational initiatives.

9.) Create learning activities designed to meet instructional goals and to address educational initiatives.

10.) Compare grading practices used to assess student achievement.

11.) Identify stakeholders that partner to enhance the instructional program.

12.) Describe community resources and services that may enhance the instructional program.

13.) Describe assessment theories used in evaluating students.

14.) Describe levels in which curriculum is developed for classroom instructions.

Examples: state, local, program, course, unit, daily

15.) Analyze curriculum development for factors that impact the process.

16.) Describe steps in curriculum development.

Examples: conducting research, planning of instruction, presenting lessons, evaluating instruction, revising instructional plans

17.) Develop scope and sequence charts, course outlines, unit plans, and lesson plans.

18.) Practice teaching a lesson plan.

19.) Recognize characteristics of professionalism in the educational workplace.

20.) Compare purposes of professional organizations in the field of education.

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