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Health Science, Grade 9 - 12, Advanced Health Seminar, 2009

1.) Create a formal project proposal that communicates specific concepts, processes, or products related to a chosen career pathway.

Examples: pathways—Diagnostics Services, Therapeutic Services, Health Informatics, Biotechnology Research and Development

2.) Utilize skills needed for independent research related to a chosen health career.

3.) Construct graphs, charts, and tables to organize collected data for supporting a project.

4.) Utilize communication and technology skills to access, process, and retrieve information related to a selected health career plan.

5.) Produce an original project, including conceptualization, refinement of ideas, and evaluation of the process and product.

6.) Write a well-organized research paper related to a chosen health career.

7.) Develop a presentation using project findings and conclusions.

Examples: producing a digital presentation, making a speech, creating a documentary, presenting a project model and explanation

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