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Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security, Grade 9 - 12, Principles of Public Service, 2009

1.) Compare job characteristics of various career opportunities in the public service industry.

•  Describing procedures for obtaining employment in the public service industry
•  Describing professional behavior in the public service workplace
2.) Define public service and its areas, including emergency and fire management, legal, and law enforcement services.

3.) Demonstrate techniques of basic first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

•  Describing steps to ensure safety in emergency situations
4.) Identify community resources and services available to individuals with diseases caused by blood borne pathogens.

•  Distinguishing fact from fallacy regarding the transmission and treatment of diseases caused by blood borne pathogens
•  Identifying infection control techniques designed to prevent the spread of diseases caused by blood borne pathogens
5.) Utilize technology to access, manage, and integrate information.

•  Identifying technological advancements that enhance the public service industry
6.) Apply problem-solving skills to resolve issues in the public service industry.

7.) Demonstrate effective communication skills.

•  Conducting a typical business meeting utilizing parliamentary procedure
8.) Explain leadership skills gained through student organization activities.

9.) Assess ethical and legal responsibilities that provide guidelines for conduct in the public service industry.

10.) Apply mathematics, reading, and writing skills that aid in public service jobs.

•  Identifying principles of financial literacy
11.) Identify basic fire science organizations.

12.) Explain how constitutional law affects the principles of public service.

13.) Describe patrol officer duties and responsibilities.

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