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Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security, Grade 9 - 12, Fire Fighting, 2009

1.) Describe career opportunities in fire fighting.

2.) Interpret local, state, and federal regulations pertaining to fire safety issues.

3.) Assess the importance of fire prevention.

•  Identifying common causes of fires and their prevention
•  Describing fire inspection procedures for private dwellings
•  Practicing school fire drill procedures
•  Conducting a building fire-safety survey
•  Describing smoke, heat, and flame detection alarm systems
4.) Evaluate fire control sprinkler systems, including pendant, upright, and sidewall designs.

•  Identifying sprinkler system control valves
5.) Identify fire control procedures for all classes of fires.

6.) Describe loss control procedures for fire-damaged property.

7.) Assess dangers of various hazardous materials.

•  Comparing the three parts of the incident management triangle as outlined in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 472 Awareness Bulletin
•  Defining strategic goals, tactical objectives, and tactical methods as outlined in the NFPA 472 Awareness Bulletin
•  Describing sources used to identify specific hazardous materials
•  Defining common physical and chemical properties of hazardous materials
8.) Describe roles and responsibilities of a first responder.

Examples: assessing vital signs of a sick or injured person, assessing environmental threats, demonstrating basic life support (BLS) procedures, assessing for spinal injury

9.) Develop a public relations program for promoting fire prevention and safety.

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