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Manufacturing, Grade 9 - 12, Semiconductors, 2009

1.) Explain the physics of semiconductors.

•  Analyzing basic structure of semiconductors
Examples: covalents bonding, doping, P-N junction

2.) Examine diode operation for general and special purpose circuits.

Examples: general purpose—small signal, rectifier;

- special purpose—Zener diodes, light-emitting diode

3.) Explain transistor operations, including junction and field-effect transistor (FET).

4.) Interpret semiconductor schematic symbols.

Examples: diodes, transistors, FETs

5.) Construct semiconductor circuits, including diode and transistor.

6.) Demonstrate skills related to troubleshooting semiconductor circuits.

7.) Construct an analog circuit, including amplifiers and power supply.

8.) Practice skills related to troubleshooting analog circuits.

9.) Explain developments in emerging technology related to semiconductor materials and usage.

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