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Manufacturing, Grade 9 - 12, Introduction to Precision Machining, 2009

1.) Summarize purposes, rules, and regulations relative to the Precision Machining Technology program.

2.) Apply safety rules, regulations, and procedures for precision machining technology.

Examples: laboratory, fire, electrical, and equipment safety

3.) Identify blueprint symbols and lines related to precision machining.

Examples: dual dimensions, limit dimensioning, scales and rulers, single and multiview drawings

4.) Demonstrate care and safety for a drill press.

Examples: maintenance—operating, cleaning, lubricating, setting up

5.) Demonstrate drill press operations to include hand sharpening a drill bit, center drilling and drilling a work piece, countersinking a hole, counter boring a hole, and calculating speed and feed per material and tooling.

6.) Demonstrate care and safety for vertical and horizontal power saws.

Examples: maintenance—operating, cleaning, lubricating, setting up

7.) Demonstrate saw operations, including installing a saw blade, straight cutting a work piece, sawing an angle, and sawing a slot on a vertical saw.

8.) Apply benchwork skills and safety practices related to precision machining.

•  Demonstrating layout with combination square and scribe
Examples: whole circle using length of chord; layout with vernier height gage; hand tapping internal threads, producing external threads with threading die; ring testing grinding wheel, mounting grinding wheel on bench grinder and adjusting safety guards; hand grinding various cutting tools

9.) Demonstrate skills in mathematics concepts related to precision machining.

10.) Identify career opportunities available in the precision machining industry.

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