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Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics, Grade 9 - 12, Automotive Engine Performance II, 2009

1.) Demonstrate the handling, storage, and disposal of chemicals and materials used in automotive engines in accordance with local, state, and federal safety and environmental regulations.

2.) Evaluate automotive engine systems diagnoses to determine necessary action.

•  Verifying customer concerns regarding engine system problems
3.) Utilize testing and evaluation procedures to determine engine system problems.

4.) Justify corrective action associated with general engine system concerns.

5.) Utilize trouble codes in On-Board Diagnostics I (OBD I) and On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD II) systems to determine necessary action.

6.) Solve repair issues associated with computerized engine controls diagnostics.

7.) Apply necessary ignition system repairs in accordance with engine system diagnosis.

8.) Solve repair issues associated with fuel, air induction, and exhaust system diagnosis.

9.) Practice corrective action for repair of emission control systems.

10.) Practice automotive engine-related services.

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