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Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics, Grade 9 - 12, Automotive Manual Drive Train and Axles, 2009

1.) Identify manual transmission system concerns.

•  Determining necessary action for manual transmission concerns
2.) Perform manual transmission system diagnosis.

•  Utilizing manual transmission system work order procedures
3.) Research vehicle and service information related to automotive manual drive trains and axles, including vehicle service history, technical service bulletins, and vehicle and major component identification numbers.

4.) Describe manual transmission operations.

5.) Demonstrate procedures for diagnosing manual transmission and axle problems.

6.) Demonstrate repair procedures for a manual transmission and axle assembly, including the removal, inspection, testing, and installation of all components.

7.) Diagnose manual transmission clutch concerns to determine corrective action.

8.) Diagnose manual transmission driveline concerns to determine repair needs.

9.) Diagnose manual transmission ring and pinion, limited slip differential, and drive axle shaft concerns to determine repair needs.

10.) Diagnose four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive concerns to determine repair needs.

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