Eleventh Annual

Marbury Technology

Innovation Award


Alabama Department of Education, Technology Initiatives

The eleventh annual "Chiquita Marbury Technology Innovation Award," sponsored by the Alabama Department of Education, in honor of Chiquita Marbury's invaluable years of service as a technology innovator in Alabama, was presented at the 2014 Alabama Educational Technology Conference (AETC). Ms. Marbury was a passionate visionary in technology integration and led the charge to help educators in the state toward improved teaching, leading, and learning through technology. One of Ms.Marbury's many contributions was the director and original organizer of the successful state-wide training initiative, Technology in Motion. Exemplary educators received awards in each category:  1) Elementary School Teacher, 2) Middle School Teacher, 3) High School Teacher, 4) School Administrator, 5) District Technology Coordinator, and 6) Superintendent/Central Office Staff. Nominations for the Marbury Technology Innovation Award open each year in April. Once opened, nomination forms will be available on this page.

Nominees are judged based upon the following five (5) criteria:
1. Innovation and Creativity (25 points)

2. Impact on Teaching and Learning (25 points)

3. Leadership (25 points)

4. Teamwork (15)

5. Scholarship (10 points)

Transforming learning one child at a time was Marbury’s daily pursuit. After 11 years, this passion is continued through the Marbury Technology Award program. The winners who reflect the Marbury standard of excellence and who continue to be inspired by her dedication and commitment to education are:


2014 Marbury Technology Innovation Award Winners



Dr. Alan Lee

Baldwin County Schools
Superintendent/Central Office Staff


Katrina Bowling

Madison City Schools
Technology Coordinator


Dr. Holly Sutherland
Hoover High School
Hoover City Schools
School Administrator


Amanda Rogers
R. A. Mitchell Elementary School
Gadsden City Schools
Elementary School Teacher


Grayson Lawrence
Winterboro High School
Talladega County Schools
Middle School Teacher


Kimberly Britton
Huntsville High School
Huntsville City Schools
High School Teacher




Past Marbury Technology Innovation Award Winners

Ms. Molly Bates
Mr. David Crouse
Ms. Tricia Culpepper
Mr. Keith Fulmer
Ms. Davina Mann
Ms. Debbie Rice
Dr. Suzanne Lacey
Ms. Barbara Burchard
Mr. Craig Bates
Ms. Ginger Fletcher
Ms. Briana Morton
Ms. Laren Hammonds
Ms. Tammy Brown
Mr. Mark Coleman
Mr. Randy Fuller
Ms. Jana Hoggle
Ms. Tamara Sanders
Dr. Avis Williams
Ms. Sallie Chastain
Ms. April Chamberlain
Mr. Patrick Patterson
Ms. Shelley Patterson
Mr. Dennis Shows
Mr. Derrick Waddell

Suzanne Freeman

Dr. Donna Goode
Farrah Kilgo
Tim Southerland
Wendy Stephens
Crystal Wright

Ms. Jennifer Barnett
Dr. Shirley Coker
Mrs. Sylvia Dean
Mrs. Marcia Frederick
Dr. J. Terry Jenkins
Mr. Carl Thomas Whitten

Dr. Frank Buck
Mr. Shawn Nutting
Mrs. Edith Pickens
Beverly Simon

Mr. Mark McCrory
Mrs. Susan Nicely
Mrs. Kathy Rains
Mrs. Vickey Sullivan

Mrs. Amanda Fox
Dr. Angela Guess
Dr. Faron Hollinger
Faustin N. Weber

Dr. Charlotte Brown
Dr. Leon Hobbs
Mrs. Jacqueline Lampley
Mrs. Ginny Murray