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Reference/Information Literacy

K - 12

Admission 101: What You Need to Know

This website details helpful hints for using technology as an investigative tool in college searches.

Campus Visit Checklist

Not everything you need to know about a college or university campus is included on the PR tour. This checklist provides a list of formal and informal activities that students' may use to gain a realistic view of the campus culture.

College Comparison Worksheet

This graphic organizer will help students to directly compare qualities and characteristics of three colleges and universities, thus enabling them to distinguish important similarities and differences.

Do you know your news? CNN Student News

Students view school-appropriate news clips. They respond through writing, discussion, or projects.

Factory Balls

Great for lower grade levels that need extra reinforcement with problem-solving skills. The student must use problem-solving skills to take each ball and package it according to what is on the box.

Color Matching

This interactive game matches colors to color words.

Duck Duck Go

DuckDuckGo is a kid friendly search engine. Simple and easy to use for younger students. *Search anonymously (truly anonymous search) utilizing multiple search engines simultaneously (not just one) to see a more authentic representation of search results from across the internet.

Choosing a Vocational School

This resource developed by the Federal Trade Commission offers advice for selecting a reputable vocational school for learning a trade or skilled vocation.


Live Binders is a research and organizational tool for teachers and students. It is a way to organize documents and websites like pages in a book. Students can use live binders to group information for projects and classes.

What is a Blog?

This animated video from BrainPOP explores the idea of blogging (what is a blog? a blogger? how does someone publish a blog?) The high production value makes for an engaging video; there are also links to related activities, lesson plans, and a quiz. *This video is free and can be viewed without setting up an account.

Creative Commmons Search

Find content that you can share, use, and remix. "Our mission: Creative Commons develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation." "If you want to give people the right to share, use, and even build upon a work you’ve created, you should consider publishing it under a Creative Commons license. CC gives you flexibility (for example, you can choose to allow only non-commercial uses) and protects the people who use your work, so they don’t have to worry about copyright infringement, as long as they abide by the conditions you have specified. If you’re looking for content that you can freely and legally use, there is a giant pool of CC-licensed creativity available to you. There are hundreds of millions of works — from songs and videos to scientific and academic material — available to the public for free and legal use under the terms of our copyright licenses, with more being contributed every day."

Am I a Plagiarist?

Students can use Plagtracker to check their paper for plagiarism for free before turning the paper in for grading. It is a tool for self assessment.

EasyBib: Free Bibliography and Citation Generator

The Free Automatic Bibliography and Citation Generator Save time by creating a Works Cited page instantly in MLA, APA, or Chicago!

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