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Useful Links


Fun kids' site contains approximately 100 replayable, original and visually stimulating activities that entice kids to explore. Digital tools let kids create their own stories and plays, artwork and characters.

Reference Desk

Thousands of links to online reference material, including language translator, global statistics, reverse address and phone number lookup, classical music archives, electronic texts, and many, many more

S.C.O.R.E. Science Resources and Lessons

Lists recommended links to science activities for kids, lesson plans, and "Ask a Scientist" contact information by content speciality

FirstGov for Kids

Links to U. S. government websits best kids' sites grouped by subject

Ask the Expert

Lists of experts by subject area so that students can email questions.

Electronic Zoo/NetVet

The goal of this site is to categorize and organize veterinary medical and animal-related information. A wealth of links to websites and newgroups about animals, categorized by species. Contains excellent picture library.

Encarta Online

Selected articles and pictures from the CD-ROM enclyclopedia. Includes homework help, web links, parenting articles

Yahooligans - the Web Guide for Kids

Kidsafe search engine. Good source of photographs for projects and reports.

Alabama Virtual Library
Alabama Virtual Library

Hosted by Alabama Supercomputer Authority
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
The Malone Family Foundation
The Malone Family Foundation
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