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Lesson Plans (2) A detailed description of the instruction for teaching one or more concepts or skills. Podcasts (1) A program (audio or video) made available in digital format for playback or download over the Internet. Informational Materials (1) Textual information containing useful facts or information.
Learning Activities (3) Any activity that would enhance a lesson or unit in order to help the learner master an objective 
                                                                and/or acquire a skill.  Examples include, but are not limited to, online tutorials, experiments, 
                                                                demonstrations, and hands-on activities. Teacher Tools (1) An extensive set of online resource tools teachers can use to enhance student learning or increase teacher productivity often useful across grade levels and/or subject areas (Aligned to professional learning standards instead of content standards).

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Lesson Plans

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TV 411 Summarizing
This interactive lesson takes students through activities and makes an excellent introduction to the skill of summarizing because it focuses more on reading than on writing. Teachers can also easily extend the lesson to writing activities in summarizing.

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Connecting The Giver and Animal Farm
This unit plan links The Giver and Animal Farm. The plans include journal prompts and cooperative-learning activities.


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Elements of a Fairy Tale Video
This video uses clips from Disney movies to teach the elements of a fairy tale.

Informational Materials

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Teaching The Diary of Anne Frank
This is a virtual photograph tour of the place where Anne Frank and her family hid. It can accompany the reading of the the text.

Learning Activities

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Princess Bride Character Template
Use Cubeecraft templates for character analysis. Students could use this manipulative to identify and label character traits. This could also be used for point of view activities.

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The Hero in Fiction Webquest
This webquest provides graphic organizers, videos, and links to teach students about hero archetypes and the hero's journey.

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Teaching Point of View Through Art
This lesson idea centers around adding thought bubbles to works of art or other images in order to teach point of view. This concept could also be used for creative writing purposes or to introduce a setting for a story.

Teacher Tools

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Online Reading Activities
Create your own virtual class for students in grades 1-12 that allows them to interact with fun & interactive reading activities that will improve reading comprehension.

Alabama Virtual Library
Alabama Virtual Library

Hosted by Alabama Supercomputer Authority
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
The Malone Family Foundation
The Malone Family Foundation
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