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Lesson Plans (3) A detailed description of the instruction for teaching one or more concepts or skills. Informational Materials (1) Textual information containing useful facts or information. Learning Activities (1) Any activity that would enhance a lesson or unit in order to help the learner master an objective 
                                                                and/or acquire a skill.  Examples include, but are not limited to, online tutorials, experiments, 
                                                                demonstrations, and hands-on activities.
Teacher Tools (1) An extensive set of online resource tools teachers can use to enhance student learning or increase teacher productivity often useful across grade levels and/or subject areas (Aligned to professional learning standards instead of content standards).

Web Resources

Lesson Plans

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I am an American Day Address by Learned Hand
This unit has been developed to guide students and instructors in a close reading of Learned Hand’s “I am an American Day Address” from Appendix B of the Common Core Standards. The activities and actions described below follow a carefully developed set of steps that assist students in increasing their familiarity and understanding of Hand’s speech through a series of text-dependent tasks and questions that ultimately develop college and career ready skills identified in the Common Core standards. This unit is recommended as an activity for a “Great Conversation” Module and can be taught in two days of study and reflection on the part of students and their teachers. A third day or more could be added if the time is needed or extension activities are desired.

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The Legend Lives On: documenting a historical event poetically
Using Gordon Lightfoot's song, "The Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald" as a springboard, students will analyze and write a poem about a historical event.

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How the Blues Inspire Writing
The purpose of this unit is to introduce students to the blues and help them write a blues song.

Informational Materials

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To Kill a Mockingbird Student Survival Guide
This website has been set up to be an annotation to the text of the novel. As you travel through the site, you'll find more than 400 annotations to help you get more out of your reading. Many of the annotations contain links to pictures or other websites to further help you in understanding your reading. Click away, learn, and have fun!

Learning Activities

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Shakespearean Internet Hunt
Discover Shakespeare in this Internet hunt.

Teacher Tools

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Online Reading Activities
Create your own virtual class for students in grades 1-12 that allows them to interact with fun & interactive reading activities that will improve reading comprehension.

Alabama Virtual Library
Alabama Virtual Library

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham
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