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Computer Science Discoveries Unit 1 Chapter 2 Lesson 5: Input and Output

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Digital Literacy and Computer Science




In this class students consider a number of computing devices to determine what types of inputs and outputs they use. Groups are assigned to a computing device and based on a teacher-provided definition of input and output, list the inputs and outputs of their device. To conclude the lesson, the class examines common activities they do on a computing device and select the inputs and outputs used for that activity from the chart.

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    Digital Literacy and Computer Science (2018) Grade(s): 7


    Demonstrate the use of a variety of digital devices individually and collaboratively to collect, analyze, and present information for content-related problems.

    Unpacked Content



    Students know:
    • that often there exists a devices that will be better for a task than another device.


    Students are able to:
    • use multiple devices to research and collect data to compile a presentation.


    Students understand that:
    • in research, the tool used is less important than the information gathered.
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