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John Bull Riding the Rails

Subject Area

Social Studies


K, 1


In this learning activity, students will hear the story of John Bull, one of the first locomotives in the United States and compare transportation from the past to today's transportation. A video of John Bull is included along with web links to other activities.

    Social Studies (2010) Grade(s): KG


    Describe families and communities of the past, including jobs, education, transportation, communication, and recreation.

    Unpacked Content



    • community
    • family
    • transportation
    • communication
    • recreation
    • long ago


    Students know:
    • Families and communities of today participate in many of the same activities that families and communities of the past participate in.
    • Some aspects of family and community ways of life have changed over time while others have remained the same or similar.


    Students are able to:
    • Name various jobs performed by family and community members in the past and present.
    • Describe the ways schools, communication, transportation, and recreation of the past are similar and different to the ways of today.


    Students understand that:
    • There are many similarities and differences between the ways people lived in the past and the ways we live today.
    Social Studies (2010) Grade(s): 1


    Compare ways individuals and groups in the local community and state lived in the past to how they live today. (Alabama)

    Unpacked Content



    • compare
    • identify
    • analyze
    • past
    • present
    • communication
    • apparel
    • technology
    • recreation
    • primary sources


    Students know:
    • Changes occur from past to present and can compare these changes.
    • Communication, apparel, technology, recreation, and primary sources show forms of change over time.
    • Individuals and groups in the local community and throughout Alabama provide information about changes in everyday life.
    • Vocabulary: past, present, communication, apparel, technology, recreation


    Students are able to:
    • Compare past and present forms of communication, apparel, technology, and recreation using primary sources in the local community and throughout Alabama.
    • Analyze pictures from the past to the present.
    • Write and speak about individuals and groups that lived in the past compared to those of the present.


    Students understand that:
    • People in Alabama and the local community lived differently from past to present in areas such as communication, apparel, technology, recreation, and primary sources.
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