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Learning Resource Type

Classroom Resource

Frog Pond

Subject Area

Physical Education


K, 1


In Frog Pond, students are practicing their jumping, leaping, and hopping skills by moving from one lily pad (poly spot) to another to get to the frog food (beanbags, yarn balls, etc. that are in the hula hoops in the middle of the playing area). This learning activity is used to reinforce the fundamental motor skills of jumping, hopping and leaping.

This alignment results from the ALEX Health/PE COS Resource Alignment Summit.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): KG


    Attempt to hop, gallop, jog, run, slide, skip, jump, and leap while maintaining balance.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): KG


    Perform jumping and landing actions.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 1


    Demonstrate correct form for hopping, galloping, and sliding.

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    Learning Activity

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