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Hula Knockout

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Classroom Resource

Subject Area

Physical Education


4, 5


This is a video of a dribbling practice game. Players will partner up so there will be pairs spread out in the gym. In each pair, one player will start as the dribbler and have a basketball (or soccer ball, depending on which game you want to play). The other player will place a hula hoop on the floor and stand with at least one foot inside of it. The player inside the hoop will try to knock away the balls of other players who come too near (remember that one foot must always be inside the hoop). If a player’s ball gets knocked away, they simply retrieve it and continue dribbling.

This alignment results from the ALEX Health/PE COS Resource Alignment Summit.

Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 4


Dribble with the feet in general space with control of ball and body in a dynamic setting.

Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 5


Dribble continuously with both the preferred and the non-preferred hands in dynamic individual, partner, and small group activities.

Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 5


Apply foot dribbling in individual, partner, and small group activities.

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