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Pathways and Directions Stations PE Activity for Grades K-2

Subject Area

Physical Education


K, 1, 2, 3


For the activity, we had a total of nine stations. For each pathway, I decided to have two stations. One station was a fun activity for students to learn the pathway. The second station was to assess if they knew how to demonstrate the pathway. I added another station for students to draw each path. This was an additional opportunity to assess their knowledge. I also incorporated stations that worked on different directions like up, down, forward, backward, and sideways.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): KG


    Travel by:

    • Using various pathways.

    • Demonstrating various levels.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 1


    Understand and employ a variety of relationships with objects.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 2


    Integrate shapes, levels, and pathways into simple movement sequences.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 3


    Demonstrate shapes, levels, and pathways specific to a wide variety of physical activities.

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