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Xavier Riddle & the Secret Museum FULL EPISODE | I am Harriet Tubman | PBS KIDS

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Social Studies




Xavier, Yandina, and Brad have a lively debate over who the best hero of all time is. They each have different ideas, but one thing they can all agree on is that whoever it is needs to have the most courage, which means they aren’t afraid of anything. Suddenly, whoosh – our trio find themselves in the Secret Museum! They’re sent back in time to meet someone who truly embodies what it means to be a hero: Harriet Tubman. Xavier, Yandina, and Brad follow along with Harriet as she bravely sneaks through the night as a young girl to see her family, despite her fear of being caught. They then watch in awe as an older Harriet bravely risks her own freedom so she can rescue others and lead them to freedom, too. Including her own parents. The answer to their question is suddenly clear: Harriet Tubman is one of the greatest heroes who ever lived, not because she wasn’t scared of anything, but because real courage is bravely moving forward even when you’re scared.


    Identify national historical figures and celebrations that exemplify fundamental democratic values, including equality, justice, and responsibility for the common good.

    Unpacked Content



    • historic figures (male and female)
    • celebrations
    • exemplify
    • democratic values
    • recognize
    • founding fathers
    • significance
    • national holidays
    • American symbols
    • monuments


    Students know:
    • Fundamental democratic values including equality, justice, and responsibility for the common good.
    • The names and significance of national historic figures, both male and female.
    • The significance of national holidays and the relationship of each to democratic values.
    • The history and significance of American symbols and monuments.
    • Vocabulary: democratic values, equality, justice, responsibility, common good, founding father, national holiday, American symbol, monument


    Students are able to:
    • Identify national historic figures and celebrations.
    • Identify the ways historic figures and celebrations exemplify fundamental democratic values.
    • Recognize our country's founding fathers and other historic male figures.
    • Recognize historic female figures.
    • Describe national holidays, including the significance of each and the democratic values associated with each.
    • Identify American symbols and monuments and describe the history and significance of each.


    Students understand that:
    • There is an importance and impact of national historic figures and celebrations.
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