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Make Things Move | Hero Elementary

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In these Hero Elementary activities, children explore the ways that a strong push or a weak push makes an object move. They investigate how fast an object moves after a strong push or a weak push. As children observe different types of pushes and pulls, they discover that objects move in different directions. This collection includes a video and two learning activities. 

    Science (2015) Grade(s): KG


    Investigate the resulting motion of objects when forces of different strengths and directions act upon them (e.g., object being pushed, object being pulled, two objects colliding).

    Unpacked Content



    • Push
    • Pull
    • Collide
    • Investigate
    • Result
    • Motion
    • Objects
    • Forces
    • Strengths
    • Directions
    • Refute


    Students know:
    • Pushes and pulls can have different strengths and directions.
    • Pushing or pulling on an object can change the speed or direction of its motion and can start or stop it.
    • When objects touch or collide, they push on one another and can change motion.
    • A bigger push or pull makes things speed up or slow down more quickly.


    Students are able to:
    • Investigate forces and interactions.
    • Describe objects and their motions.
    • Describe relative strengths and directions of the push or pull applied to an object.


    Students understand that:
    • Simple tests can be designed to gather evidence to support or refute ideas about effects on the motion of the object caused by changes in the strength or direction of the pushes and pulls.

    Scientific and Engineering Practices

    Planning and Carrying out Investigations

    Crosscutting Concepts

    Cause and Effect
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