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Classroom Resource

Goal Setting

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Physical Education


8, 9, 10, 11, 12


As with most skills, it’s best to start teaching goal setting early. Although parents are perhaps the best source of skill-building and development for their children, it’s vital to have some goal setting material in the school curriculum as well. Learning how to set goals in school and seeing goal setting modeled by peers and teachers is a great way to encourage effective goal setting in children.

At the high school level, goal setting gets a bit easier to teach, but not necessarily easier to learn and implement for the students. High school brings with it all kinds of distractions that can make setting good goals a challenge.

This resource includes downloadable worksheets and powerpoints. Additionally, by using the activities and worksheets you can help your older students navigate effective goal setting.


    Apply recently learned strategies to develop a plan of action and make appropriate decisions based on those concepts when faced with an individual challenge.

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