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Classroom Resource

Fitness Bingo

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Physical Education




This Kindergarten through 5th-grade activity puts a spin on traditional bingo.  Each student gets a fitness bingo card. Finding a new partner for each exercise, students will do the exercise then sign their partner’s paper. Students will continue this until all spots have been filled. This lesson focuses on different exercises to move the whole body (psychomotor skills) as well as teamwork (affective skills).

This video is available in both English and Spanish audio, along with corresponding closed captions.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 2

    Actively engage in physical education class in response to instruction and practice.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 3

    Actively engage in physical education class with little or no teacher redirection.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 4

    Actively engage in physical education class, both with teacher direction and independently.

    Physical Education (2019) Grade(s): 5

    Compare and contrast fitness benefits of various physical activities.

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