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I Have a Dream, Martin Luther King Jr.


Blabberize will allow students to take their own voice and add it to a picture that talks.

In this lesson, students will create their own "I Have a Dream" speeches and put them with a picture of how they may see themselves in the future (example: a picture of a pilot, nurse, teacher....) The picture will talk with the words of the student's own speech.


    Learning Objectives

    Learning Objectives

    Understand the key events and people in the Civil Rights movement

    Read, interpret, and organize information using a variety of sources and tools.

    Apply productivity/multimedia tools and peripherals to support personal productivity,  communication, and learning throughout the curriculum.

    Activity Details

    Students listen to the book "I Have a Dream" by Margaret Davidson read aloud.  

    The teacher will discuss how Dr. King had a dream and how that dream became a reality with his hard work, nonviolent message and the marches that he helped to organize. The teacher will discuss how everyone should have dreams. Students write their own "I Have a Dream" speech thinking about their future.

    After Reading the Book, "I Have a Dream" By Maragaret Davidson, students should watch the video of MLK giving the speech in Washington (

    Have students write their own "I Have a Dream Speech" for themselves and use a picture of what they may look like in the future (pilot, doctor, nurse, fireman, etc) to speak for them using Blabberize.


    Their speech should be a minimum of two paragraphs and should include the vision they have for themselves as well as their family and future. Introduce Blabberize and show students some examples from the site. Students search for pictures of what they may look like in the future to download to Blabberize and then record their speeches on the site to share with the class. 

    Assessment Strategies

    Assessment Strategies

    Students will turn in their writing (a minimum of two paragraphs). Students will share their speech with the class through their Blabberized photo.

    Students will demonstrate understanding of the Civil Right Movement and the impact Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had based on class discussions; while reading the book and after watching the "I Have a Dream" speech by Martin Luther King Jr.

    Variation Tips

    If you want a shorter book, there are several short picture books about Martin Luther King that you could read including: Martin's Big Words, Our Friend, Martin, or My Brother, Martin.

    Background and Preparation

    Background / Preparation

    Teacher should ensure all technology required is available for class use.

    Teacher should be familiar with Blabberize.